What's our benchmark for success?

That's easy - Happy Team, Happy Partners, Happy MSP Customers.

Our benchmarks


Happy MSP Customers

98% is our average CSAT score globally for our MSP Partner's customers. *

Based on B365's average CSAT support customer score.


Happy Teams

Our average staff satisfaction score is A+. Our philosophy is that when you take care of your people they take care of your customers.

Happy MSPs

That’s You - when you hit your own benchmarks - whatever they are.

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If our associates enjoy their work - they stick around. We know that means your customers will be well taken care of because our people are there building knowledge about your business, long term relationships and care about your clients needs.

  • Friction free Helpdesk
  • Weekends with your family
  • Up to 70% less in support costs
  • Manage twice as many clients
  • Less people hassles
  • More profits
  • Client Satisfaction scores of 98% +*

Based on B365's average CSAT support customer score.

I reshaped the way we did things to better align with how Benchmark 365 operated because, honestly, it just made sense.

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Zach , CEO & Founder

Find a partner that understands the key drivers for your business to succeed.


Author of Infinite Scale - The Utimate Growth Guide For MSP's

Jamesh Vickery

A model built on experience...

Scaling an MSP is far from easy. For 10 years, James Vickery, our CEO and Founder, followed all the industry mantras, bought all the tools and hired, lost and trained techs over and over again. By 2012 he was at the peak of his frustration and knew he had to radically change his MSP or face a long slow decline.

It became clear that in order to grow his MSP and maximise margins he needed to create a new, more cost efficient delivery model.

Almost over night it transformed his MSP by freeing up time and resources, dramatically reducing costs and – importantly – creating the ability to scale at will and maximize profits.

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