Maximising Resource Efficiency in MSPs: Addressing the Challenge of Misallocated Senior Technicians

One of the most prevalent issues that Managed Service Providers (MSPs) encounter is the misallocation of their most valuable and costly resources, senior technicians, to Level 1 tasks. The expertise of a senior technician is irrefutable and often is the person that started the business in the first place, because they’re stellar at what they do. As their business grows, they may hire more Senior Techs that are like them, but when their workdays are consumed by simple, repetitive tasks like resetting passwords or basic troubleshooting, their talents are effectively squandered.

This practice doesn’t merely result in inefficient use of valuable resources; it actively impedes the growth and evolution of the business. Instead of channelling their efforts into mundane tasks, senior technicians could be significantly more impactful if their time was devoted to handling high-level escalations, or training their team to take on the Level 1, 2 and 3 support protocols. Staff resource misallocation comes with serious implications including overwhelming simple problems with overly complex solutions, or worse, causing burnout among highly qualified staff who aren't engaged in work that matches their skill level.

This issue is often intensified by MSP owners who struggle to delegate tasks. Their reluctance or inability to hand over control leads to a continuous and exhausting cycle of work.

Delegating tasks is essential in breaking this cycle. It enables MSP owners to leverage the skills and expertise of their teams, fostering a more efficient and dynamic business operation. Delegating level 1 helpdesk support tasks to an external provider like Benchmark 365 frees teams to set and achieve MSP benchmarks for strategic growth.

‘I was really just fighting fires all the time and if I ever found the time in my day to contemplate business strategy, growth or sales it was fleeting.’ 

The Hidden Costs of Misallocating Technical Talent in MSPs

Are you paying expensive (yet awesome) senior techs to do Level 1 tasks? Let’s get real: This is not an ideal benchmark. There are several implications to consider if you find yourself in this predicament and the financial costs of assigning senior-level resources to Level 1 tasks in MSPs are multifaceted and can significantly impact the bottom line. Here are some hidden tangible (and intangible) costs to consider:

  • Underutilisation of High-Value Skills: Senior technicians possess advanced skills and experience that are essential for handling complex issues. When they are allocated to Level 1 tasks, their expertise is underutilised. This not only leads to a waste of valuable resources but also prevents the MSP from capitalising on their ability to tackle more challenging and lucrative projects. Underutilising these resources literally leaves money on the table increasing operational costs, and could prevent you being able to hire more resources in order to scale.

  • Risk of Employee Dissatisfaction and Turnover: Continuously working on mundane tasks can lead to dissatisfaction and demotivation among senior technicians. This may increase the risk of turnover, leading to additional costs related to recruiting, hiring, and training new employees. Moreover, the loss of experienced staff can negatively affect the quality of service provided to clients.

  • Inefficient Workflow and Process Delays: When senior technicians are occupied with basic issues, more complex problems requiring their expertise may remain unaddressed. This can lead to delays in resolving critical issues, negatively impacting client satisfaction and potentially leading to the loss of business.

  • Opportunity Costs: The time senior technicians spend on Level 1 tasks represents a massive opportunity cost for MSPs. This energy could be far better utilised in areas that generate more value, such as developing new services, enhancing existing offerings, or engaging in strategic planning and business development activities.

To address these challenges and optimise profitability, MSPs can consider outsourcing Level 1 support tasks. Outsourcing to a provider like Benchmark 365 allows MSPs to allocate their senior techs to more complex and valuable tasks, ensuring that their skills are effectively utilised. This strategic approach can lead to improved operational efficiency, higher employee satisfaction, and enhanced profitability.

Outsourcing Level 1 Tasks to B365: Aligning with Effective MSP Staff Optimisation

1. Organisational Structure Adaptation

  • Small to Medium-sized MSPs: For smaller MSPs with limited staff, outsourcing Level 1 tasks to B365 can significantly offload routine, time-consuming activities. This approach allows these MSPs to maintain a collaborative and efficient workflow.
  • Growth and Scalability: As MSPs scale, the need for a more structured approach to task delegation becomes crucial. Outsourcing Level 1 tasks helps in this transition, allowing the in-house team to focus on complex, specialised tasks crucial for scalability.

2. Enhancing Team Specialisation and Skill Development
  • Focused Expertise: By outsourcing routine support tasks, in-house technicians can focus on higher-level responsibilities, fostering deep expertise in specific areas.
  • Skill Development: This approach also facilitates skill development among the in-house team, as they can engage in more complex projects and training.

3. Streamlined Communication and Efficient Ticket Management
  • Reducing Communication Overload: Outsourcing routine tasks to B365 reduces the communication load on the in-house team, who can then concentrate on more complex issues.
  • Enhanced Ticket Management: B365's handling of routine tickets allows for efficient management and resolution, enabling in-house technicians to focus on more specialised tickets.

4. Balancing Workload and Reducing Micromanagement

  • Workload Management: Outsourcing helps in evenly distributing the workload, thereby preventing burnout and inefficiency among in-house staff.
  • Reduced Micromanagement: With B365 handling routine tasks, MSPs can minimise micromanagement, promoting a healthier and more collaborative work culture. 

Benchmark 365 provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by MSPs. Our helpdesk support solution enables MSPs to focus on higher-level functions and strategic growth. Partnering with B365 helps MSPs maintain operational efficiency, enhance team specialisation, and improve communication.

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