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Review: MSP Automator reviews us

MSP Automator took a deep dive into onboarding and going with live with Benchmark 365. If you don’t mind a little colorful language read on to understand why they say “We have breathing room. We have time to do other stuff for once.”

Jeremy Johnson

Go Computers – Australia
Go Computers, like many small MSP’s, put their clients first at the expense of their own business. They needed a new way to continue to deliver awesome technical support to give him the space to focus on growing his own company.

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Zach Johnson

Aero CMS – USA
Aero Computer Management Solutions faced the challenge of how to scale, the business quickly enough to take advantage of new opportunities in the fast-growing IT services market.

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Nisheet Patel

Affinity Smart – UK
Nisheet Patel and his team had been operating in the UK since 2008 and have extensive experience in installing, configuring and maintaining IT Infrastructure for Small and Medium Business.

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Jon Dawkins

Atlas IT Consultancy
Atlas IT was born out of a passion for helping local businesses with their IT. Jon Dawkins, founder and Director, wanted to put his skills to good use and help his community thrive and embrace innovation.

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Sean Tindall

Bulletproof Infotech
Building a sustainable, profitable MSP whilst maintaining an exceptional level of customer service is something that all great MSPs strive to achieve.

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