Still taking customer support
tickets after hours?

Access after-hours and on-call Level 1 and Level 2
expert help desk technicians, day or night.


Get your nights and weekends back.

Our highly skilled Support Engineers will cover your customer support tickets any time of day or night on-call.
Choose a 12-hour block each day,
say 7pm to 7am, and take some time off.

High quality, on-call Level 1, 2 & 3 support whenever and wherever you need it.
Helpdesk coverage up to 24x7x365 - never miss a ticket.
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Scale seamlessly with unlimited endpoints and users.

“We’d known about Benchmark 365 and every time we looked into finding a Partner that reflected our way of doing business, their name kept coming up. Their model just made sense to us”.

“We’ve now hit our next big milestone where the Benchmark 365 team are handling all of our inbound calls and tickets. It’s proving to be a perfect scenario where our customers get just-in-time service while our internal resources focus on projects and addressing patterns”. 

  • Sean Tindall, Bulletproof InfoTech
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Choose the cover you need.

With just a few details, we can create an outsourced MSP helpdesk service that fits your business and scales for the future.


We work with your tools

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