Offshoring for MSP’s comes of age and is ready to transform your business

Offshoring for MSP’s comes of age and is ready to transform your business

Have you considered outsourcing or offshoring your MSP helpdesk or project work? Many have thought about it but wondered whether it will work – I know when we started out setting up a company overseas we had a whole bunch of concerns. As it turned out we had little to worry about.

While offshoring is a reasonably new concept, there have been enormous advances in staffing capability and technology in offshore locations making it a viable solution for MSPs looking to grow, scale and be more profitable.


With advances in internet and IP telephony over the past few years the old audio problems talking with someone overseas by phone or slow connectivity have become a thing of the past. MSPs using Benchmark 365 are routed through ‘pin drop’ quality voice over IP systems making support calls as clear and seamless as a local phone system.

Many offshore locations also have redundant fibre and direct peering to Australia, North America and Europe enabling technicians to remote in to support your users instantly.

Expert Knowledge

You and your team are highly skilled at delivering IT services and solutions to your customers but what would happen if you outsourced? Of course, outsourcing to a company that doesn’t understand the MSP model is not a great idea – but Private Label MSP services are a different story, our people are trained on the latest PSA and RMM tools along with the same platforms and technologies you service for your clients every single day. We continuously develop our teams to ensure their skills are equal to anyone in the local marketplace. People are people and we believe if you train your people well they will be great asset to your company.

So, what would happen if you outsourced to Benchmark 365? You would get a team of highly trained MSP experts at your service, on demand and ready to support you, your team and your clients.

Time Zone Differences

One of the biggest concerns about outsourcing is whether the offshore team will work during your business hours. This is a common worry but keep in mind that offshore services are tailored to suit your time zone with people accustomed to working different shifts to meet customer demand.

At Benchmark 365 we provide business hours and after hours support right around the world, ensuring your clients get immediate support whenever they need it. In fact, using an outsourced service provider can often mean you can extend your business hours allowing you and your technicians to finally have a work/life balance.

Management and Culture

Many MSP’s who have tried outsourcing to freelancers have found that the time required to manage someone overseas can outweigh the cost savings. That may be true if you hire people directly overseas because it becomes your role to take care of HR issues and oversee individual tasks.

But with a Private Label MSP there is no management or overhead. At Benchmark 365 we give you a team of L1, L2, L3, Project Engineers, Dispatch and Customer Service Personnel on demand without the management headache. We process your calls, tickets and tasks and you get on with running your company.

A lot has changed in the past few years and the concept of outsourcing helpdesk via a Private Label MSP is helping companies like yours scale rapidly, minimise overheads and make more profit.

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