Why Benchmark 365 is launching new apps for MSPs

When we launched in 2016, Benchmark 365 was the first ‘pay as you go’ monthly subscription helpdesk for MSPs. Many were skeptical. But I’m proud to say that 5 years on we proved the naysayers wrong and we have had happy Partners using our 24x7x365 helpdesk service. We’re now one of the market leading helpdesks for MSPs and we’ve never been in higher demand than we are today. Mic drop!

Battling the MSP tool addiction
You would think that offering outsourced helpdesk on a monthly subscription, with no lock in, operating in every region in the world would be tough enough but, believe it or not, our toughest battle was navigating how passionate MSPs are about the tools they use particularly when it comes to the numerous PSA (professional service automation) platforms on the market .

For example, an MSP might love the idea of working with us but was so invested in their PSA they’d want us to try to work from their software. We always knew this wouldn’t work well so, in another market leading breakthrough, we got busy developing integrations for every major PSA platform in the market. Yes, that’s right, not only do we provide 24x7x365 on demand technicians, but we integrate with your PSA, we use your RMM tool, we work with your documentation platform AND we do all of this on a no obligation monthly contract at half the cost of hiring in your own team. MSPs now know where to go to get the most versatile, cost effective outsourced helpdesk solution but that’s still not enough for us…

As we began working with MSPs from startups through to large scale enterprise players we realized that many were losing money on tools. For example, a small MSP who is just starting out might need a PSA, a documentation tool and a remote management tool. This adds up to a substantial monthly expense, often with 2 or 3 year lock in agreements. That meant that they were basically working for the vendors!

A set of tools and apps for small MSPs
So we got to work building a free ticketing platform called SmartDesk. For a small MSP, SmartDesk enables Benchmark 365 Partners to avoid costly PSA contracts and hit the ground running with a 24x7x365 helpdesk team behind them. SmartDesk still integrates with all the leading PSA solutions but we’ve taken a step further and built SmartDocs – a documentation tool for MSPs, SmartChat, a chat platform for interfacing with our Partners to collaborate on tickets and there is also now iOS and Android versions of many of our products too - you can even get notifications on your Apple Watch!

There may be some great PSAs out there but none of them have this level of versatility let alone a comprehensive on demand helpdesk team behind them. 

Of course, there will always be naysayers but we’re on a mission to support our industry, solve the skills gap and build the most profitable, 24x7x365 MSPs in the world.

We love to chat with you more so check out our latest Plans or drop us a note.

To your continued success,
James Vickery
Benchmark 365

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